Women in construction: The shape of things to come…

30th November 2017

A recent ONS (Office of National Statistics) report confirmed that women account for just over 10 per cent of the industry’s workforce.

Whilst this small percentage reflects poorly on the gender-gap in the sector, it is more of a concern when considered in the context of the need to recruit thousands of new professionals over the next five years.

With this huge gender disparity in the industry and given the need to increase its workforce, what is the industry doing to attract a more gender-balanced workforce?

Here, within the O’Keefe Group, we are working hard to ensure that we are inclusive and fair in our approach to make new opportunities available to everyone.

Roisin Flynn, working for the Demolition Division, was recently promoted to trainee PM. She is hugely optimistic about her career prospects and future within the O’Keefe Group and the Construction sector. She is also a big advocate of the inclusive approach being adopted by the industry to attract to retain and promote more women.

In her own words, Roisin explains her journey so far within the company and the sector:

“I started working for the O’Keefe Group almost 2 years ago now. My first job was as a document controller based at Streatham Hill. Having not had any previous experience within the construction sector my aim was purely to learn as much as possible, so I could eventually progress and carve out a career within the industry. Whilst I was based at Streatham I undertook regular site visits and tours which helped me gain an invaluable insight and working knowledge as to how to run and operate a site. After 8 months in the role I was relocated to the Demolition Division to work for Andrew Farquharson and from there my role just grew as I took on more and more responsibility. Alongside working I studied for several different accreditations which helped reinforce my working knowledge of the industry, and equipped me with additional regulatory and law-based knowledge.

I am now a trainee PM with a view to becoming a fully-fledged PM.

In my view, the Construction industry is fast becoming much more switched-on to the prospect of increasing its female workforce. My experience and career progression has been extremely positive, and my future ambitions have been met with nothing but support and encouragement from the businesses senior management team and my colleagues. I am looking forward to the prospect of a bright future for women across the industry.”