O’Keefe’s is Best in Class – ISG awards O’Keefe’s ‘Contractor of the Year.’

5th December 2017

Work on four of our key sites for ISG; Project Mint, Walsingham House, Lombard Street and Kew Gardens, has recently won us the specialist contractor of the year award, a prestigious industry gong.

Project Mint in Peninsula Square, south east London, involved a raft slab, ground beams and pile caps, deep drainage, six concrete lift cores with restricted working head height, internal paving and feature stairs. Walsingham House involved the construction of a basement slab and under-slab services including two 4.5m deep pump chambers under an existing building with restricted headroom. It also included the construction of lift and stair cores using both slip form and twin- wall systems. This project on Seething Lane in East London is surrounded by existing buildings and a neighbouring hotel which meant all deliveries had to be craned onto the site. There was also no storage area, internally yet our operators still received several green cards.

Lombard Street, in East London, involved ground works and concreting including slip forming 13-storey core walls which took place throughout the day and night.

Kew Gardens in Richmond featured external and internal hard landscaping, road service trenches and services. O’Keefe removed the existing road and built a new one, built up new internal walkways, and laid trench covers for internal new and existing service trenches.

ISG divisional director Eammon Wall said: “At Project Mint, the O’Keefe team adopted a proactive manner in overcoming all of the key challenges. This often included working in very difficult conditions and cooperating alongside the piling contractor.

At Walsingham I did two safety inspections in the past quarter and the project, without fail, scored top marks for presentation and site logistics. Lombard Street became renowned for the core construction and the safe delivery and speed which really impressed all of us.

Overall, O’Keefe’s have performed incredibly well, without any fuss and are a totally deserved winner of the award.”

Shane Mason, project director, ISG southern, said of the Kew project: “Tony [Ballard, O’Keefe’s supervisor] has won green cards for good safety performance and O’Keefe have consistently been one of the top-performing sub-contractors at Kew as well, so it is well-deserved.”

James Bourke, our London divisional director, said: “We are absolutely delighted to win this award which recognises not only our top-priority focus on Health and Safety but also our ability to work flexibly and in an innovative fashion under extremely challenging conditions.”