O’Keefe was a safe bet for the London Pantomime Horse Race

15th December 2017

Construction group sponsored the London Pantomime Horse Race.

A team of five, including the CEO, from London-based specialist construction company the O’Keefe group braved the elements on Sunday (December 10th) to support their sponsorship of what is arguably the capital’s most unique race event, The London Pantomime Horse Race.

The race galloped back into the Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site to raise money for the charity YOUCAN Youth Cancer Support. This year, its eighth, the theme was rock stars or pop idols.

O’Keefe, whose current head office is in Greenwich with a new one under construction in Kent, agreed to sponsor the race after chief executive Patrick O’Keefe and managing director Lee Horsley heard about the event at a Chamber of Commerce networking lunch.

And Patrick, along with four O’Keefe colleagues, was present in the snow on Sunday to judge the panto alternative of best turned out horse and to present prizes.

The horse which raised the most money was Lady GG ridden by Louise Martin and Alison Williams while the race winner was Neigh C/DC ridden by Benjamin Reynolds and Andy Stephenson.

Patrick said: “Despite the weather on the day we could see that everyone was having a great time raising money for such a worthwhile cause and we can’t wait to be involved again next year when hopefully the going will be better.”

The event featured a pre-race ceremony hosted by respected comedians Nick Wilty and US comic Lewis Schaffer, performances by “Maredonna”, a 70s era Elton John called “Equestrian John”, and the renowned “Rock Choir”.

The streets of Central Greenwich were transformed into a course for the glammed up comical looking pop/rock star lookalike nags. Entries included Neddie Mercury, Beyonce-Neigh, Elvis Preseniegh, Camel Minogue and an unexpected reunion of sorts from the bickering brothers Noel and Liam Galloper.

There’s simply no other race quite like it in the sporting calendar.

Competitor Sarah Ackland said to O’Keefe: “I wanted to say a massive thank you for your sponsorship.  It was a great event, so much fun and everyone had a great day for charity and everyone involved loved it. So pleased that you sponsored it as it made it a better day and ensured that all charity donations benefited YouCan.  Well done to O’Keefe. You should be very proud of doing this. Everyone in Greenwich loved it.”

See Patrick’s interview with London Live at http://www.londonlive.co.uk/news/2017-12-11/the-pantomime-horse-race