Community Foundations

Giving back to our Communities

Community Foundations is designed to support the communities in which The O’Keefe Group operates and to give back to society. Where possible it will support projects, which work with the young and with the old from disadvantaged backgrounds as they work to change their lives.


It has also been especially designed to enable O’Keefe staff and other important stakeholders such as clients, suppliers and sub-contractors to become actively involved through volunteering and offering their skills and experience to the organisations the company will support.


This will in turn organically evolve The O’Keefe Groups internal community of employees and stakeholders into an external one as well, with the initiative kicking off with a focus on four beneficiary organisations – 21 Together, K Sports and Hervey Road and Sevenoaks Rugby Club.

Hervey Road

We are committed to creating long-lasting value for the communities in which we work with legacies that go beyond. Learn More

K Sports

We want to inspire the next generation and help them raise the bar through providing them with opportunity.


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